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Why a grain free diet?

Our customers asked for natural, holistic grain free pet foods. We responded by consulting with our nutritionists and veterinarians to develop the CANIDAE® Grain Free formulas: CANIDAE® Grain Free pureSEA™, CANIDAE® Grain Free pure ELEMENTS™, CANIDAE® Grain Free pureLAND™, and CANIDAE® Grain Free pureSKY™. These grain free diets are formulated for dogs that do not tolerate grain well, are prone to dietary allergic reactions, and require a higher level of meat protein in their diets. Traditionally, CANIDAE® has offset the abundance of meat protein in its foods by including nutritious grains or starches. For many dogs this provides an optimal blend of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Some dogs however can benefit from a further increase in meat protein and a complete absence of grains of any kind. In these grain free formulas, the carbohydrates are derived from sources like potatoes and peas instead of grains. Our CANIDAE® Grain Free pureELEMENTS™ diet is an optimal blend of multiple meat sources. With a protein level of 34% and fat at 18% you will need to make sure your dog can tolerate that high a level of protein and adjust the intake to your dog’s nutritional needs. Our CANIDAE® Grain Free pureSEA™ diet yields a protein level of 40% with fat at 20%. Because Salmon yields such a high protein value and we utilize a low starch offset, this product is much higher in protein than our other formulas. We feel as though very sensitive dogs, higher stress dogs, and underweight dogs will benefit from our CANIDAE®  Grain Free pureSEA™formula. All four of these grain free foods may not be suitable for all dogs. It is always best to consult with your veterinarian before making a substantial change to your dog’s diet.

Where can I buy?

Our natural dog and cat foods are available through a specialist network or stockist throughout the UK. The stockist locater will direct you to the nearest pet food retailer that carries our products. 

Can I buy online?

Yes. Please visit our BUY page for more information. 

Should I add vitamins or supplements to my pet food?

Normally, no. CANIDAE cat and dog foods are nutritionally complete. We continually consult with our veterinarians and pet nutritionists to formulate the healthiest foods possible. Our formulas meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the Nutrient Profiles set by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). If you do decide to include additional supplement or vitamins, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian.